I’ve been blessed with some fabulous young people in my life.  I’m especially grateful to four young women in my life, my two step daughters and my two nieces.  They inspire me everyday and fill me with a sense of encouragement as I see how they will be excellent stewards of our planet as members of the next generation.  This photography page  is my way of giving my niece Tava an avenue to share her amazing photography skills with you and also highlight Adia’s behind the scenes help she offers. I hope you enjoy this digital gallery of Tava’s work, but please remember these photo’s are Tava’s property.  If you would like to make a purchase of a print, please contact us.


Tava has a great eye for catching a magical moment.  She’s expressed interest in photography from an early age and whether it becomes her chosen profession or not, I believe she will always have a camera close.

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Adia, the oldest of the twins by three whole minutes, is a fierce competitor and an amazing athlete.  She helps me whenever needed and shares her video editing skills with me whenever needed.  She’ll be pursuing a career in medicine.

If you have interest in purchasing a print of any of Tava’s photography, please contact us.  All proceeds of the photography sales go to support Tava’s college education.