It’s time to plant Strawberries!

It’s February and here in zone 7 that means it’s time to plant onions, potatoes and STRAWBERRIES. This year I’ve planted new plants in my strawberry pot. Hopefully this june we’ll have a good harvest and an even better one the following year.


I haven’t had consistent success with Strawberries in the past.  However, I’ve decided to stick with June- bearing plants rather than the Ever-bearing and I’ll keep my three year rotation schedule in check.  These plants will benefit from good drainage in the strawberry pot and the raised bed.  I’ve added pecan hulls to add a bit more acidity to the soil and aid in drainage as well.  Strawberries prefer  soil with a PH around 6.0 to 6.5, similar to a blueberry plant.

The planting depth is also very important.  Strawberries are somewhat like “Goldilocks,”  they can’t be planted too deep or too shallow.  They need it just right…. otherwise, they will dry out or drowned.

Drip irrigation will help to insure the plants don’t suffer from drought, while I’ll have to be diligent about checking the actual strawberry pot.  This location will also get plenty of sun.  

This small plot of 16 strawberry plants will be perfect for providing fresh fruit for snacking, but significantly more plants will be needed for a home gardener who would like to process the fruit for jams or jellies.

If you’re considering growing strawberries, I recommend you consult your local extension service for varieties that grow best in your area.  Extension services also provide exhaustive information on the various diseases that can plague Strawberries and even more tips on growing them.  

After, all this…. I sure hope these delicious little berries are worth it.  My praises go to the strawberry farmer.




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