It’s Fall (Full) in the Greenhouse!

It’s November and the first freeze could happen at any time here in zone 7. So that means, I’ve shoved all my tropicals into the greenhouse and it’s getting full. And without some space planning, I’ll have no room for seed trays in a few months. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a whiz at organizing. I wish I were. I love those folks who create clever organizational nooks and would never dream of simply stacking anything. I wish I had a little more of that organizational DNA, but usually it’s pure necessity that finally forces me to get creative with space saving.

I recently added a bakers rack to the greenhouse and two metal etageres flanking either side of my vintage sink.
I used coconut fiber to line the wire baskets in the etageres. Soon I’ll add potting soil and some wave petunia seeds. I’m hoping in a few months I’ll have two lush “ladders” of plants. I’ve placed a few clay pots in the baskets as well.  (And hopefully, I’ll eventually get a vintage faucet for my sink and make cushions for those chairs….. there’s always something.  right?)

(Above) I cut the first portion of coconut fiber from the roll and trimmed it to fit the basket. (If you decide to do this… use sharp scissors, but not your quality craft or sewing shears. This stuff takes some muscle to hack through.)


The baker’s rack offers more height, although I foresee eventually breaking down and adding rods for hanging pots to the rafters. But since this glass house is not only my fully functioning greenhouse, but also my SheCave, it’s got to be functional and attractive.


It won’t be long and I’ll be propagating plants in the greenhouse.  More on that next time I write from the Flower House.  Until then, happy fall gardening and mulching.

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